3 Easy Winter Weather Skin Tips

If you find that winter weather takes a toll on your skin, you may find these easy to implement tips helpful. 

The following is an article I wrote for the December 2017 issue of Scottsdale Health Magazine. 

While the use of certain creams, the temperature of the water we bathe in, and the amount of time we spend indoors near heaters and fireplaces, or outside in the snow and wind can affect the skin greatly in the colder months, the following 3 tips are some of the most basic things to keep in mind when the season's change. 

Plus they're incredibly easy to remember and do. 


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If your skin isn't happy with seasonal changes, always think about what you're using & what you're consuming. 

Some subtle shifts with these things can make a huge impact in how well you & your skin adjust with the weather. 

After that, if you still have skin concerns, feel free to reach out for an Online Skincare Consultation

This is where we can chat about what's concerning you with your skin and set you up for success in achieving your skin goals. 

If your product ingredients, diet, lifestyle, hydration levels, or stress levels need to be assessed & adjusted, an online consultation with me (and my 15 yeas of skincare experience) can be just what you need to create a plan for seeing the skin of your dreams. 

Wishing you healthy, beautiful skin all year long!


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