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"Ask Breanna" VOXER Q&A (3 Q's)


You ASK, I'll answer!

Get 3 questions answered via private VOXER chat within 72 hours.

After much demand, I've finally added a way to help you with all of your skincare & beauty questions.

I haven't had much availability to work with new clients for the last few years, (plus not everyone can make it to Phoenix to see me). 

So, at the suggestion of a few brilliant clients I'm proud to announce that I'll be offering private mini skin care coaching via VOXER. 

Who's Breanna and why would you want her help? Learn more HERE. 


Have you been googling all. the. things when it comes to your skin concerns yet feeling even more confused or overwhelmed by the abundance of conflicting information? 

If you've ever wanted a friend who actually has allllll of the answers (legit, tried and true answers) when it comes to clearing your skin, reducing wrinkles, and just feeling better about yourself, you've found that friend in me! 

After working with hundreds (maybe thousands) of women over about 15 years i've seen & heard it all.

I've worked in spas, doctors offices, med spas, and for the last 8 years i've run a holistic skin and beauty clinic focusing on solving the most stubborn skin concerns in an easy & healthful way. 

When it comes to your skin concerns, I've got answers (and if it's something I don't know - I'll find out!) 


Here's some examples of things I'd be happy to help you with...

-Not sure if a product is right for you? I'll take a look at an cosmetic ingredient label & let you know if I think the ingredients are appropriate for you or not.

-Wondering how to layer your products for the best results? I'll give you the run down of exactly how to apply what you're already using & make suggestions if I see a gap in your regimen.

-Not sure if a particular lip/foundation/blush shade is right for you? Send a pic! I'd be thrilled to check it out & give honest feedback. 

-Curious if you need to include or avoid certain foods to help clear your skin, beat chronic dryness, or help you age as gracefully as possible? I'll share my top tips.

-Want to know what my go to books & resources are for health, wellness, getting to the root of pesky health challenges that could be contributing to your skin concerns? I'll share my faves with you.

-Ever thought it would be nice to find more peace amongst the chaos that life can sometimes bring? I'll share my secrets for getting more "zen".

-Seeing some hormonal changes in your skin & completely freaking out? I'd be happy to ease your fears & point you in the right direction. 

-Are you a chronic skin picker & need an accountability coach to help you get thru stressful times as you learn to create new healthy habits? I'd be honored to be there for you!

-Completely confused about where to start when it comes to battling breakouts, fading pigmentation, or slowing down the signs of aging? This is my specialty & I'd love to help you gain clarity & come up with a plan.

-Starting to see lines & wrinkles but aren't sure what to do about them? What honest feedback about injections, lasers, peels, and at home treatments? I'd be happy to help!

-Are you an aesthetician or makeup artist and a bit stumped by a client's skin, how to handle work related stress on the body, or want to bounce a career idea off a long time pro? "Community Over Competition", as they say! I've probably been in your shoes at some point & would love to help shed some light on your situation.

I'll answer 3 of your top Skin & Beauty questions via the free Voxer app for JUST $69!

For the last few years it's cost a minimum of $250 for an initial consultation with me & I'm so excited to offer a more affordable way to help anyone from anywhere in the world.

Got Skin Q's? Order my A's today!

Can't wait to chat with you soon!



*3 specific questions will be answered within 24-72 hours of placing your order. 

**Prior to purchasing this Q&A session with me, download the free Voxer app here, & enter your username into the notes section when checking out here on my online store (So I'll be able to verify your purchase). After purchasing head back to Voxer & find me as "breannathomas" and send your questions. 

***If there are any glitches or you do not hear back within 72 hours, email to get help right away. 

****No refunds.

***** Keep your questions clean, appropriate, and kind. Rude or offensive questions will not be answered. 

******This is for brief yet custom answers to your questions. This is not a full consultation. I'll do my best to answer your specific questions as thoroughly as helpfully as I am able. However, if you're concerns are incredibly in-depth I may direct you towards purchasing another 3 pack of Q&A's or applying for a full new client consultation.  

Thanks for your understanding!

Can't wait to chat with you soon :) 

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28 Reviews

Linda 29th Nov 2017

I learn so much from Breanna

What my friends and I love so much about Breanna is how much she teaches us about our skin. No one has ever done that before. I feel like I learn something new every time and it’s always so interesting, I just love listening. I appreciate that she tells me what is going on with my skin and why she recommends certain products for me. I feel so much better knowing why rather that just being told what to do.

Michelle 29th Nov 2017

I’m excited to see more changes

Thank you so much for taking the time to honestly review my photos and give me some skin solutions that work within my budget. You recommended a creme which I’ve been using now for a few weeks and at first I didn’t think I could see any changes but then I stumbled across the pictures I originally sent you and WOW I didn’t realize the uneven dark spots that were lurking on my face! They have completely disappeared, my skin looks more even (I didn’t realize how uneven it was) and brighter. I’m excited to see more changes.

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