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Cycle Syncing (3 Month Online Skincare Coaching Program

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If you're sick of hormonal breakouts & feeling like nothing you try is helping, Cycle Syncing skincare coaching with Breanna is perfect for you!

Many women don't realize that how they treat their skin throughout the course of their menstrual cycle each month can greatly affect whether they breakout or not, and if they do, how fast their skin clears up.

After 15 years of working with women struggling with hormonal breakouts, licensed aesthetician Breanna Thomas, has discovered just how to design a skin care regimen that is perfectly timed with the shifting of one's hormones. 

Since every woman is unique, the Cycle Syncing Program takes into consideration 3 months of period & breakout tracking in order to provide the best results. 

You'll receive:

- (1) in-depth skincare consultation to determine your concerns, your goals, what you've done in the past, and what you can do moving forward to start seeing skin clearing results

- (3) monthly check-ins with Breanna Thomas, licensed aesthetician

- Professional recommendations to help you achieve the skin of your dreams

- Access to Breanna's favorite period & acne tracking systems

- A customized monthly skincare calendar designed just for you. This will tell you exactly what to use on each day of the month of your cycle & when try adjust your regimen to prevent/speed the healing of the dreaded period pimples. 

-10% off of all Breanna Thomas Naturals skincare & makeup products purchased during the course of your coaching with Breanna.

- Lifestyle tips & tricks to keep your skin clear all month long.


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