Intentionally Radiant by Breanna Thomas

Emergency Blemish Treatment

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Emergency Blemish Treatment

.33 oz / 10 ml

Your most effective weapon when it comes to combating breakouts!

All Natural. Gluten Free. Vegan. Paraben free. Phthalate free. Sulfate free. Petro-chemical free. 

No artificial frangrances or colors. 

Not tested on animals

Formulated with salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid, Blemish Free Emergency Spot Treatment spread over acne-prone areas every evening will keep your skin smooth and clear of acne. Will not irritate erupted or sensitive skin.

Salicylic Acid: helps thin out oil and prevents clogging; also helps break down blackheads and whiteheads, evens complexion and smoothes skin's surface

Glycolic Acid: loosens dead skin cells and encourages healthy cell renewal

Lactic Acid: encourages healing & assists in lightening the marks left behind from old breakouts

Ingredients: aqua (pH-balanced distilled water), hydorxyacetic (glycolic) acid, capryloyl (salicylic) acid, lactic acid, sclerotium gum, lonicera caprifolium  (honeysuckle) flower extract, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, cinnamomum camphora (camphor) bark oil. 

Suggested Use:

To use, apply the smallest amount to the affected area after cleansing & toning, before applying any other products. 


May cause dryness if applied too liberally or to areas not affected by excess oil, blackheads, &/or breakouts.

The salicylic acid derived from willow bark, makes this product off limits during pregnancy. Email for other options.

 A Message from Breanna...

"Quite possibly the most ✨magical✨ serum in the Intentionally Radiant lineup!

When it comes to fabulous looking skin, my motto has & always will be, “Healthy Skin Starts Within.”

There’s not a person in the last 20 years who’s asked for my help in clearing up breakouts that hasn’t also been asked to look at their whole body’s well-being as they attempt to see less breakouts.

I’ve always felt it would be a massive disservice to sell people a pimple cream without addressing the root cause of what’s concerning them.

However, as a former acne sufferer, I also know it can be helpful to have some tried & true go-to topical solutions that actually work, while in the process of finding the root cause, and addressing alllllllllllll the reasons why breakouts may be occurring. As for reasons, there’s a lot of them!

Whether it’s:

-chronic health challenges


-internal inflammation

-excessive viral load

-mold exposure & toxicity

-mast cell activation syndrome

-gene mutations

-reactions to chemo or other medications

-hormonal imbalance

-dietary sensitivities

-toxicity &/or deficiencies

-improper product use

-depression related lack of self-care

-dead cell buildup

-or a host of other things…

…it can be ultra frustrating to throw money at tons of skincare products that don’t work, or worse, make things worse.

After using EMERGENCY SPOT TREATMENT on myself & my private practice skincare clients for nearly a decade, it’s not let us down.

Now we rarely have to use it. Yet if a blemish ever strikes, this bad boy, is our go-to for rapid relief!

Free from many traditionally used chemicals that can be irritating to the skin or harmful to our health, this serum is the most natural AND the most effective acne fighter, I’ve ever encountered.

Nicked named by faithful users as “the magic stuff” & “Harry Potter’s magic wand.”

I always laugh a bit at how surprised people are at how well this works.

If you’ve tried this before, I'd greatly appreciate if you'd share your thoughts in the review section on this page."

Breanna Thomas


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5 Reviews

Carol 11th Sep 2022

It's Magic

It's Magic

Jessica 20th Feb 2017

Works SO well!

This is seriously the most amazing blemish fighting product I've ever tried. I can put it on as soon as I feel a new pimple coming & I swear it's gone the next day. I don't get acne very often but when I do, I'm always so happy I have this on hand. I also love how long it lasts. It seems to last forever since you hardly need any product at all.

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