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This video is an excerpt from day 23 of the "30 Days to Great Skin" Healthy Skin & Beauty Reboot Challenge (2018 edition).

Not to worry, all the tips shared here are the gold standard when it comes to gracefully aging in a natural way & still 100% applicable.

In this masterclass lesson I share all about what I've found over the last 18 years of my career as a licensed aesthetician that actually helps to slow down the visible signs of aging. 

My Motto = Healthy Skin Starts Within

Staying more hydrated & eating more healthfully will always be one of my top recommendations for anyone wanting to improve their appearance. 

Stress, Sleep, Hormones, Diet, Genetics, and Sun Exposure are all factors in how we age. 

However, we have a lot of power when it comes to slowing down the signs of aging & prolonging more youthful looks.

The following is a breakdown of what's covered in today's video. Feel free to listen "podcast style", as there's not a treatment demonstration in this video. 

(1 min)
-Why we've focused on proper cleansing.

-Why we've focused on proper exfoliation.

(1:30 min)
-What makes the skin look more youthful.

(1:55 min)
-Why we've focused hyaluronic acid (from Liquid Hydration) to plump up the look of the skin. (BTW it works on eyes & lips too!)

(2:15 min)
-Options for reversing the signs of aging:
Laser, Strong peels, Radio Frequency Treatments, Ultra Sound Treatments, Injections, Face Lifts 
(Did you know I spent many years performing all but the the last few & now find I get really great results without them?)

Many people want a more natural approach before trying more aggressive procedures & the rest of this video is about the things we can do topically that can help.

(3:20 min)
-Topical vitamins, especially Vitamin C
This is the serum I mentioned: Nourishing Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum 

The other video I mentioned is part of my 30 Days to Great Skin Online Program. For more info email

(3:55 min)
-Fading discolorations (unevenness & splotchiness) 
-How discolorations make the skin look older

For recommendations on natural skin brighteners & pigment lighteners email

(4:40 min)
-The areas of the skin we can work on in addition to the face to help us look more youthful.

(5:10 min)
-How rebuilding the support structure of the skin (collagen & elastin) helps keep our skin firm & looking youthful. 

-How peptides help strengthen our skin, why I like blends of peptides. 

This is the cream I mentioned (it's currently on sale): Ultra Lift Cream Extreme

-The areas peptides can be used to help the skin look more youthful.

(6:15 min) 
-The type of peptide creams to avoid (they typically contain clogging ingredients such as isopropyl myristate, isoparaffin, mineral oil, petrolatum or toxic preservatives like parabens.)

(6:55 min)
-Something to keep in mind about peptides in regards to cost, how long it takes for them to work, and how long you'll need to use them.

(7:55 min) 
-Something you can do internally to support collagen & elastin. 

-Example of how smokers age more rapidly & how we can use this information to help us stall the aging process. 

-L-Lysine, Proline, & Vitamin C = a great combo to take internally to help us look younger longer. (Yes, I've been working on a Healthy Skin & Beauty nutritional supplement to support collagen & you bet these ingredients will be in the final formulation.) 

(9:00 min) 
-Why nourishing ourselves & occasionally supplementing our diet is important in slowing the signs of the aging process. 

(9:40 min)
-Microcurrent is one of my favorite methods for firming the muscles under skin.

-How microcurrent is like a workout for the face (and why many of my clients do it, but I also talk a lot of people out of it too.) 

-Since these devices aren't able to be sold online, you can contact me at if you're interested in doing microcurrent to life your face &/or eyes at home. 

-THIS is one of my favorite unedited Before & After photos of one of my clients with the device I'm talking about in the video. The photos aren't the best (thanks to a slightly blurry iPhone 3), but you can definitely tell what kind of reversal of the aging process can be achieved with the proper guidance. 

-THIS picture is an example of how much lift can be achieved in some people. I'm a fast responder & only did 1 part of my forehead after quite awhile of not using my device.

-You can learn more on my Instagram Highlights in the "Firm Face" tab. 

-How long it takes to look more youthful with the use of microcurrent & why some respond faster than others. 

-How I chose my favorite microcurrent device & why I only recommend a very specific one. 

-The difference between the mini treatment & my advanced treatment & how often you can do it to get faster results. (The woman in the picture at the instagram link above used the advanced treatment almost daily for 2 months before we took her after photo.) 

(16:55 min)
-The methods I use to help people look younger longer, preventing the signs of aging, delay more "invasive" methods of reversing the aging process or wean off of Botox.

(17:35 min)
-How to find time to work on your skin when you want to age more gracefully & what to do if you're really motivated to look more youthful. 

(18 min) 
- Do we even need to focus on aging? 

-What can make a difference if our self-esteem is waning due to feeling uncomfortable with the aging process. 

(19:25 min) 
-Why I focus on graceful aging.

End of video.

Aging is a topic I discuss with my clients each day. It's something everyone seems to want to prevent & many want to reverse the signs of.

If you need help with navigating the world of "graceful aging" please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be happy to help!




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