Back on Track Breakthrough Session

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For the woman who feels like she's lost her glow & desires to get back to her radiant self once again (or perhaps for the first time ever).

Whether you're feeling like your complexion, your energy, your life, your passion, or your vibe is dull, Breanna can help you get to the root of why & help you get back on track. 

This breakthrough sessions is designed to provide quick clarity around anything standing in the way of you shining your light brightly in this world. 

Born from Breanna's own transformational journey & over 20 years experience in working with others to create massive change in not only looking their best, but feeling their best too!

Breanna has trained in EFT, Resonance Repatterining, Nutritional Healing, Wellness & Life Coaching, a myriad of alternative healing modalities, and is a Licensed Aesthetician, Professional Makeup Artist, Natural Cosmetics Creator, and former model. Her experience in all of this has helped her devise a system to help others create long lasting positive changes in their lives.

She has devoted her life to sharing the lessons learned on her journey of celebrating the beauty of life as well as all the challenges that come along the way. 

She is a safe space, with an open heart, and as an HD Projector you'll find she can see your blind spots in such a clear and compassionate way. This enables her to gently guide (those who are ready) along their path towards feeling more like their true self again

Breanna finds great joy in supporting other women along their path of RECLAIMING their RADIANCE & discovering how much power they truly have to change, fall in love with, and radiate pure joy in their lives. 

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A recording of your session will be provided for you to refer back to as often as desired. 

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